July 31, 2019
While tires are sturdy, and it can seem like tires can last for a long time, changing out tires for new ones can be beneficial for the security and smoothness of your ride. Though when you need to get new tires can fluctuate depending on your driving style, the construction of the tires you have on your vehicle, and many other components, you will want to get new tires when needed to help ensure security while on the road.

There are signs to stay attentive to for your car's tires that can help you know when it is time for new tires. Of course, if it is changing seasons around the Monticello and Frankfort areas, you can also consider getting new tires near Logansport at Mann Chevrolet Buick GMC, like going from winter tires to summer or all-season tires or make a change to winter tires when the cold weather makes its way into the area.

Top Signs That You May Need to Get New Tires

Have you noticed that the tires look different than they did when you first got them put on your car? Is it because the tread looks worn down? The tread on tires can tell you a lot about whether or not new tires for your car are a good idea. If the tire tread gets too worn, the tires may not be as effective when stopping in inclement weather, and overall may not get the grip they need to while you're driving.

How long have you had the tires on your car near West Lafayette? If it has been quite a while, you may want to get the tires inspected at our Service Center, and we can check for bulges, lack of tire pressure, and tread wear. It could be encountering potholes or not getting proper tire maintenance that can lead to uneven wear, but if tires wear unevenly, it can affect the safety that the tires offer as well.

Get New Tires in Delphi at Mann Chevrolet Buick GMC

Has it been years since getting new tires for your car near Lafayette? Or, have you noticed that the tires don't have the proper inflation or the tread is low? You can buy new tires at our facilities and get the tire services your car needs, too!